Following our spring/summer collection, we have taken inspiration from the natural phenomenon of halocline, which occurs in seas and rivers. When rivers of different water qualities converge into a single flow, the two currents do not mix. Instead, they create a blurred boundary, resembling the beautiful effect of paint dripping onto the water’s surface. Capturing the moment when different properties accidentally meet, we have incorporated this into our collection.

By delving deeper into the theme from our spring/summer collection, we have unveiled new landscapes. We adopted dyeing techniques such as chusen and urban processing to reflect the mingling colors of the sea. Expressing the quiet yet powerful movement of waves, we used three-dimensional curves and patterns. Additionally, we proposed the sparkling reflection of sunlight on the seaside with stud embellishments and metallic textures. This collection aims to let you feel the delicate nuances of nature and humanity within the garments.