The inspiration began with a natural phenomenon called "HALOCLINE" that occurs in the sea and rivers.
When rivers with different water quality try to become one flow
The two streams of water never intersect, making the boundary line vague.
It creates a beautiful phenomenon that looks like paint dripping onto the water surface.
We captured moments where disparate natures coincidentally meet, leading to this season's overall theme and color palette.
The designer was also influenced by the ceramics and objects around him.
We designed the clothes by taking a multifaceted approach to the texture and luster of Japanese cloisonné ware, which is made by adding a white glassy glaze to metal and firing it, as well as the uneven rimmed platters and organic curved vases.
We offer iconic and modern expressions that symbolize this season, such as abstract prints that look like overlapping cross-sections of vessels and buttons shaped like plates.